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So what is an Iridescent Blush?


ridescent Blush grew from my frustration when trying to source age appropriate wedding ideas and accessories whilst planning my second wedding in 2007. My hope is that Iridescent Blush will grow as a resource simplifying planning for couples when creating their dream weddings irrespective of their circumstances or chosen wedding style.

Hi, I'm Leeanne, a self-appointed bubble whisperer, who lives in Brisbane Queensland, Australia with my husband and grown-up family.

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~ "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took,
but how many moments took your breath away." ~

What is an Iridescent Blush?

What is an Iridescent Blush

Iridescent: Optical phenomenon or reflection radiating hues or colours that change according to the viewer's perspective. Derived from the Greek word iris meaning "rainbow".

Blush: Glow, radiance, gleam, light up, luminescence of colour.

Blushing bride.

When choosing the name for my wedding business I searched for words to describe the glow emanating from a bride dressed in her wedding finery, veiled and ready to walk the aisle to her groom. This radiance may not be recognized by all but when it is perceived it becomes a moment that takes your breath away creating the magical memories of a lifetime.

My daughter as she waited with her father to take the walk of her life embodied an Iridescent Blush and certainly took her groom's breath away as she was steadied on her father's arm to utter the vows that would make her a wife. (Photo courtesy of Karen Green.)

Putting on your Iridescent Blush is a term I have coined that means planning and choosing the unique personalised elements for a wedding day so when the magical glow hits it will make the memories of a lifetime and the moments that will take your breath away.

What is with All the Bubbles and What is a Bubble Whisperer?

Beach wedding bubble

Cupcake stand bubble

Three bubbles

To enlighten you about the bubbles and my bubble whispering I will have to share my personal journey of pure imagination into my fantasy world of Wedding Dreamland. Iridescent Blush and its fairytale home of Wedding Dreamland is essentially a buffet of wedding choices and based on the concept that there are no new ideas under the sun only pre-loved pearls of wisdom gleaned from brides and grooms who have gone before. These ideas are reborn as bubbles of inspiration back into Wedding Dreamland through the mouths' of lilies to be loved, popped and sprinkled by new brides and grooms over their personalised signature weddings.

How Making My Own Wedding Magic Birthed the Iridescent Blush Bubble Whisperer.

ring box

It was with excitement after a joyful proposal that I found myself planning our wedding when given a second chance at love. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices available to today's couples as I devoured the visual eye candy in bridal magazines and websites full of ideas and beautiful accessories marketed to the younger, first time bride with dreams of a white wedding with all the trimmings. I entertained these desires too initially but being an older, rounder, broker second-time-around bride I began to realise that I had the invitation to the Prince's ball but all the fairy godmothers in town only had magic in their wands for the Cinderella brides and those that did offer hope operated far far away from Australia.

I had the invitation to the Prince's Ball but all the Fairy Godmothers only had magic in their wand for the cinderella brides

We desired to create and share with our family and friends a budget conscious, beautiful, personal, intimate and unique celebration that would best honour us all with the inclusion of my children in the ceremony as we birthed our new family and stepped into our new roles together. To achieve this style of event however I realised I needed to make some wedding magic of my own by drawing on the bubbles of inspiration I had absorbed from my earlier research and by putting every creative skill I had into action. These in concert with our talented family and professional vendors saw our wedding day shine vividly as an infusion of our personalities forever sealing the day as truly ours.


Romancing the Inspirational Bubbles
and the Dance of the Iridescent Blush Wedding Bubble Whisperer Begins!

As the wedding dust settled my passion for sparkling crystal, gossamer lace and all things elegant continued to swirl in my mind and I needed a creative outlet to indulge my love of these "pretties". It was while feeding my passion with bridal magazines and wedding blogs that it became plain to me as my frustration stirred again that the Cinderella brides were well catered for but the inspirational resources and flexible vendors were minimal for couples like us who through circumstance did not fit the cookie cutter mould or through individuality desired something unique to express themselves on their wedding days. I thought that if there was a one stop shop, so to speak, of collated wedding ideas with no boundaries that it would simplify wedding planning for these brides and grooms.

Collecting, organising and sharing these pearls of inspiration from brides and grooms who had walked the aisle before became the essence of Iridescent Blush and its fun fairytale theme of Wedding Dreamland, iridescent bubbles filled with wedding secrets developed in my imagination and my role of bubble whisperer or idea wrangler began as I plucked the floating bubbles from the ether, listened to their wisdom and sorted their contents into various theme categories allowing couples to peruse and hand-pick a treat or two from the candy buffet of ideas and make them their very own.

After planning our wedding I recognised that a memorable and original wedding day experience was possible for any couple no matter what their circumstances if they first identified the characteristics, traits, likes and dislikes, wants and want nots, hopes, wishes and reality that made them individuals and a couple. I also understood that once this information was collected choosing an event theme and planning the day was only a matter of seeking inspiration, nurturing the chosen moments and organising the inclusion of various vendors and/or taking on DIY projects and releasing these on their chosen day as a celebration of love for the couple and their guests.

For example, take the tradition of honouring the rings. One couple who have selected a more traditional religious style of ceremony may tie the circles of gold to a lace pillow and ceremonially have them carried down the aisle by a well dressed page boy. On the other hand a couple who have chosen a simple outdoor affair surrounded by nature may choose to tie their bamboo rings by a long ribbon to the bough of a tree so their guests can bless, warm and mingle amongst the rings before they are slid on the fingers of bride and groom as they exchange words of commitment.

So that is my story about Iridescent Blush, Wedding Dreamland, the bubbles and their secrets and the growing candy bar of inspiration. I know that despite a couple's age or circumstances all brides and grooms want to celebrate their love, relationship and their commitment between their two hearts in a memorable ceremony created with a few personal touches that will radiate their Iridescent Blush and make their wedding day truly theirs to be shared and enjoyed with those they love.

So please feel free to allow your creative juices to flow as you journey around Wedding Dreamland and when your wedding day dust has settled I would love to share your unique photographs and ideas with other brides and grooms who are preparing their walk down the aisle.

Enjoy the eye candy!


(Bubble Whisperer)

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